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Kristify loads the whole layout of a theme from <kristify>/data/pages/.... A theme can add as much stuff as it wants there. But two files have to always exists:

  • index.xml
  • widget.xml

Index is the main layout. It renders the whole content of the monitor, Except: Widgets. Those display the products (one each).

XML variant

As you can see, they are written in the xml format. That's one of the benefits by Basalt. (See their docs).
If you don't like xml or need something more powerful, then you can use a lua script!

When Kristify loads index or widget, it first looks for a corresponding .lua file. If it can't find one, it then searches for a .xml variant.

Lua variant

While .xml files are the same just as basalt defined them, those lua files are loaded a bit differently. Here is an example of how you would create an empty frame for in index.lua:

local ctx = ({ ... })[1] -- Context of Kristify; Contains many usefull informations like the configs or other loaded libs.
local base = ({ ... })[2] -- The base frame for the interface. We will load our layout in that one!
local basalt = ctx.basalt -- Basalt framework. Instead of loading our own, we use the one Kristify reccomends.

local index = base:addFrame("_app") -- Create our frame with the "_app" id.
  :setSize("parent.w","parent.h") -- Give it the same size as their parent, aka the base frame.
--:addLayout(fs.combine(, "index.xml")) -- Would load the index.xml file into our frame from the pages folder.
return index -- Return our frame to Kristify for further usage.


As you can see, we gave the frame the "_app" ID. Basalt objects have IDs that are used internally to find specific objects. Kristify has some common ids, used to load specific information like the shop title. Those begin with an underscore!

Here is a table with some standard IDs, used by Kristify:


ID Object type Description
_app frame Root of index.
_body frame Contains widget's (e.g. "_widget_1").
_head frame Normally contains _title, _title_end & _subtitle.
_title label The shops name.
_title_end label Top-Lvl domain (normally .kst).
_watermark label Our Name! You could remove it, but it would be really nice if you keep it. <3
_subtitle label Shops description. (aka tagline)
_importantMSG label E.g. "pay to @switchcraft.kst for a purchase"
_navigation frame Normally contains the three following Objects:
_navBack button Go one page back, if available.
_navNext button Go to the next page, if available.
_curPage button Shows the current pages number.


ID Object type Description
_widget frame Root of widget. (in production: e.g. "_widget_1")
_name label The name of a product.
_stock label How much the shop has left. (aka amount)
_metaname label The metaname (e.g. "iron" @...)
_price button The price tag (e.g. "2kst")


Those objects don't have to be included, but it is generally recommended.

If you need some more reference material, feel free to look at the default themes as they use a somewhat standard.

If you make your own theme and need to find something specific to your theme, we recommend to use __ before every ID.