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To get started, run the following command on a Turtle:

wget run

This should open a GUI and guide you through the installing progress of Kristify.

👉 Note: If you get the error ..Forbidden.., the reason for that could be because of GitHub's rate limiting. If this is the case, wait for about 1h or hope you play on a server that provides a git token.

After the installation is done, you still need to set up a few things:

  1. Setup physical stuff (description below)
  2. Configuration (See docs)
  3. Add products (See docs)

Step 2 and 3 will be explained in their corresponding docs page (see links above). The physical part will be explained here.

You should now have a Turtle with Kristify installed on it. Great! Now it's time to place the following things. Kristify needs the following parts:

  • Monitor (Minimum 5x3 large)
  • Chests (Connect as much as you need)
  • Turtle

After connecting them to the network, write down which name they have (e.g. "monitor_0").
In addition, you can also connect speakers for sound support!

It doesn't matter how you place all those components. Just make sure they are connected.

However, The Turtle running Kristify should be only accessible to the shop owner, and not the customers! Or else bad things can happen!

This was step 1. Easy, right? But before you are done, you now have to generate the configuration and your products!

The config.lua and products.lua files can be now placed in <kristify_installation/data/. And that's it!