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Products that can be purchased in the shop are defined in products.lua. The specifications will be here explained.


You can use the product generator. It lets you configure products, with a GUI!

<kristify>/data/products.lua is a lua file which returns a table. This contains the products (which are tables as well). Those "sub-tables" can be generated with the link above.


Display name (displayName)

The name of the item you want to sell. This will appear on the monitor

Price (price)

The price per item in krist. If you want multiple items per krist you can set it to a decimal number. Example: If you want four items per krist then you set it to 0.25

Color (color)

The color of the Display Name. (optional) Can be any color from the color API as string. Example: "red" or "blue" or nil, for the Themes default preference. Note: This option can be ignored by the theme.

Minecraft Item ID (id)

The ID of the item you want to sell.



Metaname (metaname)

The part the customer will pay to (before @name.kst)

NBT Hash (nbt)

NBT Hash of the item (if it has one). This field is optional and can be nil.


704a1bcdf9953c791651a77b1fe78891 (hash of Mending book)