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Shop comparison

Updated: 30/12-22 This is a comparison between different shop software for modern minecraft versions.

Kristify MSKS Denarius
Author Kristify team (PC_Cat, Sammy) MasonGulu Marcus Wenzel
License MIT No License MIT
Dependencies Automatically installed Automatically installed Manually installed
All dependencies opensource? Yes Yes Yes
GUI Type Ingame monitor
Custom GUI Yes. XML based.
GUI displays Item name, stock, price per unit, metaname
Refunds Wrong metaname, stock, underpay, change
Customizable refund messages Yes
Toggleable refunds No
Inventories adjacent No
On storage network Yes
Krist connection type Websocket and HTTP
Requires krist name Yes
Automatic profit forwarding Yes
Redstone heartbeats No
Sales statistics No
Updates Fully manual
Notifications Discord, Discord Embed, Google Chat
Notification types Purchase
Restart on error No
Configuration type Lua table
Configuration helper Website
Remote control No
Credits required Not required
Uses github Yes Yes Yes
Documentation 994 lines 156 lines 98 lines